I am working on cancer metabolomics. Mainly colorectal cancer, but also pancreatic cancer. I interrogate any biofluid (serum, plasma, urine, feces, saliva, breath) and even cell cultures to know their changes in the metabolome or volatilome. My main area of expertise is microelectronics, but since 2019 I broaden my expertise with a Marie Curie postdoctoral fellowship centered in metabolomics.

The original image of the cancer cells is freely available at the NIH Image Gallery at Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/nihgov/40379829875

I am a SCI-FI girl. I like Star Trek, Star Gate and Star Wars.

I always loved the idea of having a Tricorder. How cool would it be!
I love the idea of scanning illnesses with a small device. Wonder when, between all scientifics, we would manage to have it be available!

Mining For Information
Reproduced with permission. Photo by JD Hancock cc

Ions with barcodesIn an ideal world, we might be able to rapidly detect and classify any type of chemical and biological that is found in low concentrations, using instruments of small size and easy implementation.

How awesome would be to have molecules with bar-codes!