Here you will find my current and past research projects.

CURRENT Projects

Life Fluids Which fluids do we have in the human body?

Fundació Catalana per a la Recerca i
la Innovació (ref. 415).
Period 01-12/2022. Budget: €4k.

COLOVOC Reliable and specific urinary biomarkers for colorectal cancer.

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) of the Horizon2020 (H2020) Programme from the European Comission (798038,
Period: 2019-2023. Budget: €257k.

COLOOPT Dx Colorectal diagnostic test for an optimal patient screening

DTS ISCIII (DTS21/00113). PI: Prof. Xavier Correig, Co-PI: Raquel Cumeras. IISPV (ES).
Period: 2022-2023. Budget: €103k.

PARTICIPATION in other Research Projects

TensorChrom Development of a signal and data processing workflow for 2D hyphenated chromatography based on multi-way algorithms: Application to urine metabolomics data for colorectal cancer screening.

MICINN, Spain (RTI2018-098577-B-C21). PI: Prof. Jesús Brezmes (URV). Period: 2019-2021. Budget: €154k.


Identifying Biomarkers Through Translational Research for Prevention and Stratification of Colorectal Cancer (TRANSCOLONCAN,
Member of Working Group 1: Disease risk profiling.

PAST Projects as PI

LLAVOR Colorectal cancer markers for the selection and optimization of the appropriate treatments.

AGAUR, Generalitat de Catalunya, Spain (2018LLAV00072). PI: Prof. Xavier Correig. Entrepreneur PI: Raquel Cumeras. Business mentor: Laboratorios Rubió SA. (ES, pharmaceutical company.
Period: 2019-2020. Budget: €20k.

PMF-POST starting grant Pancreatic cancer biomarkers evaluation using metabolomics.

Martí-Franquès postdoctoral Research Programme (2017PMF-POST-10).
Period: 2018-2019. Budget: €105k.

EXIT: Chiral evaluation of urinary cancers with LC-IMS-QTOFMS

Banco Santander-URV (2018EXIT-07).
Period: 2018-2019. Budget: €7k.